Louis Scheibli

Co-Founder, Sales Lead
“We commit to enhance students well-being with Sharing Solutions”

I studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen. Always keen to learn new subjects, I am interested in startups, tech and finance.

During my time at university, I met Tom. We launched together Sharing Solutions. We had the opportunity to be selected by various startup initiatives to develop our project: an acceleration program by Yes!Delft, GENILEM, and we are currently incubated in Station F. Additionally, during my curriculum at the HSG, I made a full-stack developer diploma in Barcelona.

Education is often referred to as an environment that has difficulties to evolve. I personally think that in order to build a progressive society, EdTechs (Education Technologies) should be a sector where innovation happens. By providing an efficient communication platform for institutions, Sharing Solutions. aims to simplify students life, and commit to enhance students well-being.

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