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Exchange between students


Students are given the possibility to exchange the books they don't use anymore


  Students can easily find a room when arriving or leaving the univeristy


 Students can exchange furniture or any objects a students needs

Manage Student Life


Each association can get a profile and can be contacted by students or the university


Centralise all the events of your institution and build a stronger community


Promote the social life of the university of your students

Career Center (Coming Soon)

Small JObs

Small jobs offers for students


Apply for internships directly in the app


The Newsfeed allows to facilitate the communication

We facilitate communication in your institution


Our chat allows students to talk to each other directly on the app

student Profile

In the Campus App, each student has its own profile


Facilitate the communication
with your students

University TaB

Get access to your university most important information and links

Some Functionnalities
Books, Flats, Furniture

The Market Place

The campus app allows access to a platform where students can exchange books, flats and furniture for their apartments.

Associations, Events, Parties

University's social life

The campus app informs students about the associations of the university. Students become more aware of what is happening on the campus since the app provides an overview of all upcoming events from a range of different domains. They can also see the parties organized.

Newsfeed, Chat, Profile

Enhance communication

Each student has its own profile, there is also a chat much needed to exchange with other students as well as a newsfeed which allows the university to easily communicate with its students.

Maps, Bus, Tips & Tricks

Campus Tools

The campus app main advantage is that it is ever-evolving, we are constantly building new tools to adress the needs of students.

University Page

Customise the page of your university

Individualize your app with simple designs on your university page:

Add an image at the top, some text, URL's, links, PDFs, promote the uni and its social medias.

Premium Dashboard

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