Premium Dashboard!

Control your app remotely,
anytime & anywhere!

SSO - Single Sign ON

Access your local Single Sign On systems
to secure the App to your standards.


The Dashboard has the same system as the app
and is also ever-evolving and always enhanced

Analytics & roles

Check the number of students which subscribed,
the number of flats, associations,
the level of engagement of the app and many
more analytics directly on the dashboard


The Dahboard allows you to contol of all the great new fuctionnalities we are constantly building



App Analytics

Control your app from a Dashboard, get a white labelled app. Control the users, integrate the SSO of your university.


Add the everyday menu

On this image our cafeteriat menu system is shown
this is an exemple of the functionnalities we are building into the app that you can manage remotely

Tips & Trics

Help your students

Tips and Tricks is a very useful tool in the app which allows you to provide articles about your institution and provide guidance to students

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