Everything students need,
in their pocket

Make sure you reach students, move to mobile communication.


Stay up to date. We aim to answer all of higher education institutions' needs by constantly providing new functionalities.

Easy integration

Provide students with quality information that they can access faster than ever before. We take care of the integration.

Cost efficient

Benefit from a top-notch mobile app at a fraction of the development costs. Take advantage of an adaptive license pricing.

A new era of digital campus

Give students a personal assistant that will facilitate their everyday life.
Boost student engagement

Reach students effectively thanks to our dedicated tools. Leave unread newsletters once for all and switch to the CampusApp.

  • Newsfeed
  • Event Management
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Chat
Daily needs centralised in one app

Connect schedule, grades and other wishes thanks to LMS integrations. Provide articles, menus of the cafeterias, bus time-tables, and campus map to your students.

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Insights and metrics about your students
Understand your students with targeted custom survey. Measure stress, burn-out, and assess satisfaction about courses or facilities.
Promote and foster your community

Bring all student associations in one place. Provide a marketplace, allowing departing or incoming students to connect and exchange books, flats or furniture.

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Unique and innovative functionalities

  • Focus assistant

    Help students to avoid distractions by allowing them to block their phone while working.

  • Tips and tricks

    Distribute short articles helping students to find their way during their studies.

Less work, more flow

We integrate with the Learning Management Systems (LMS) that you love.
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Available on IOS and Android

Onboard all your students. We develop our mobile application on iOS and Android so nobody is left behind and your solution is accessible by everybody on-campus.